How to get to us

We are located at 1 main departure station, and 1 secondary departure station

Our main departure is next to the Royal Palace, Strömgatan 4-10 (just behind the Royal Opera)

Our secondary departure is at the Nordic Museum on the Royal Djurgården

The train always stops at these 2 locations.

min by foot

From The Royal Dramatic Theatre

Exiting the Royal Dramatic theatre, take a right and aim for Norrmalms torg or the shopping mall NK. Passing Norrmalms torg take a left and pass MAX hamburgers on the corner and have the park on your right. As soon as the park ends, take a right and you will see us on Strömgatan. OR Exiting the Royal Dramatic theatre, take a left and enjoy the scenic walk along Strandvägen, one of the most famous streets in town. In the end of Strandvägen you will have a bridge, Djurgårdsbron on your right, cross the bridge over to Djurgården and up ahead on your right is the Nordic Museum, here is our secondary stop.

min by tram

From Stockholm central station

Subway Blue Line 10 or 11 towards Kungsträdgården, get off at the Kungsträdgården station and walk 138m towards the right side of the Royal Opera and you will see us.

min by bus

From the central station

Buss 65 towards Skeppsholmen, get off at Gustav Adolfs torg and walk 41m towards the right side of the Royal Opera. Buss 53 and 69 will take you towards the same place but with aprox. 400m to walk

Start 1. The Royal Palace Start 2. Nordic museum

We start at 2 locations.

First is on the other side of the wild canal to the Royal Palace, just behind the Royal Opera.

Departing every 90 min starting at 12:00

Next start location is 10 min into the tour that started from the Royal Palace and it is the Nordic Museum on Djurgården.


Let's go!

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