Frequently asked questions

Here you can get answers to our most common questions. If you can’t find your answer please mail us at:

Yes, as long as there is room, there is love for dogs!

Yes! We have space for extra luggage, if you fold your stroller it helps!

You can buy your ticket by the train! We accept all credit cards and Swish, if you want to be sure to get your ticket, you can also buy it online right here ! See you soon!

No, you don’t have to buy a ticket for your child, all children rides for free!

We are looking into serving sodas and water during the tour, but for now there is no serving of food or beverages onboard on our regular hours.

On private excursions we will have the possibility though to both cater for alcohol and food.

The trains maximum speed is a staggering 25 km/h but the law prohibit us to drive this fast so we have to slow down a little bit to 20 km/h, you better hold on!

Average traffic speed in the city is 18 km/h 🙂

Due to the construction of the train, there is no possibility as it is today to access the train in a wheel chair. We are though working with an engineering company to see if there is a possibility to re-construct the train so wheel chairs can access the train. But today we are sorry to say no.

Adults : 295kr

Senior Citizen: 249kr

Children 0-12: Free

As you seen she rides for free 🙂


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